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Tulcan Energy Resources is an independent oil company actively involved in sourcing and importation, storage and warehousing, trade and distribution of petroleum products such as AGO, PMS, DPK, ATK, LPG, LPFO and other related products. The company is involved in the full supply & trading of bulk oil shipments via marine operations within the West African coastal axis, with over 500,000MT of petroleum products traded per annum.

The company was founded by individuals with vast experience in downstream sector of the oil industry. Prior to the formation of the company, the principals have participated actively in all part of the supply chain in the downstream sector, these include trading, storage, trucking and retail Outlets.

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    Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) also known as diesel is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons produced by mixing fractions obtained from the distillation of crude oil with brand-specific additives to improve performance. AGO is ideal for road vehicles (trucks, buses, vans, and cars) powered by diesel engines. It can also be used to power generators. Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) is one of the products of fractional distillation of petroleum. PMS is mainly used as a fuel for light road vehicles (cars, motorbikes and Read More
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    Tulcan Energy Resources is a reputable Nigerian Oil and Gas company that focuses on all aspects of the Oil sector such as the upstream, midstream and downstream. Procurement and equipment leasing are viable and credible ventures of our upstream services. We are recognised for our piping construction, design and development, as well as efficient transportation of crude and storage. It is inexorable to state that we are also swift with the supplies of petroleum products to end-users such as PMS, DPK, AGO etc. Read More
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    At Tulcan, we have well-trained staff who conduct skilled assessment of the status of projects, both new and on-going, at any particular point in time. We also offer professional advice to clients as regards the time, scope and cost of projects. We firmly believe every stage in a project lifecycle is critical, from initiation to closing. Our experts use sophisticated tools to track project deliverables, mitigate/control risks, resolve any issues and ensure the project is running according to schedule. Read More
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